What is glaze fountain?

A ceramic piece may not be coated on the outside only because the inside can be coated as well. If you only need to coat two pieces, it won't take long, just do it gradually and you'll be done. However if there are a lot of orders, what should you do? 'Glaze Fountain' is an option that potters should not overlook.

‘Glaze Fountain’ is a machine that helps to reduce a labor cost for a factory or a studio that has to do a lot of coating inside the containers because this coating aid can help to complete the task quickly. It is a moderately large stainless steel container. There are extension tubes and automatic or foot operated air pump.

The working principle of ‘Glaze Fountain’ is to send pressure from below and blow air through the coated pump tube so it rises up like a fountain. Then bring the desired container to cover at the mouth of the pipe to coat inside the container. That's it! Your workpiece gets a smooth inner coating. Plus, the job is done quickly as well.