Workshop Reviews

"I registered for the 2-month course since I didn’t have any experiences or knowledge on clay and glaze. I learned about what type of clay and color I should use, and the firing temperature. I gained lots of knowledge. I planned to use what I learned from the course to expand my family business. "

- Mint (2-month course) -

"I lived in Pran Nok area which is quite far from here. My friend asked me to join the course and I agreed because it was interesting. The course met my expectation. I had fun in class and got to know new people. I also learned about the pottery which I can do it in my free time.”

- Khun Nok (Wheel Throwing Course) -

"I wanted to make pottery my new hobby, so I registered for the course even though I didn’t have any experiences. I couldn’t make the piece beautiful since I was a beginner. However, pottery made me focus on the process of doing. The teacher was very nice and gave great advices. I might register to the other course in the future. "

- Khun Gift (Wheel Throwing Course) -

"I wanted to learn new skills to make it as a side hustle. I googled and found that Pottery Clay offered potter courses that are affordable. Moreover, Pottery Clay also sold everything related to pottery. After I attended the class, I felt good and had fun. I learned more about pottery from hands-on experiences in the workshop. The teacher made the lesson easy to understand."

Khun Pui (Wheel Throwing Course)