Product Reviews

"I’ve received SKUTT KM 818 from Pottery Clay , and I was very happy because I’ve been waiting for it for several months. I looked at the design of kiln, and I thought it was strong and tough. I also trusted this brand because foreign artists also used it. Additionally, I consider Pottery Clay as a one stop shop that offers not only products but also services. Therefore, if I buy products from the shop and there’re any problems, they can assist me."

- Khun Mew–

The moment I opened the box of SKUTT KM - 1027 was similar to when you bought a computer.MacBook” 😊

- Khun Ting from Ting Shu Studio -

“Just have a SKUTT KM 1027 I can work from home. I don’t have to go outside and can protect myself from COVID-19. It’s super safe."

- Khun Nam Punch -

" The reason why I bought SKUTT KM 818 was that if I attended workshop, I had to share the kiln with others. I felt that I couldn’t fully experiment because I was considerate for others. However, if I had the kiln to myself, I could experiment whatever I want. Moreover, the reason why I choseSKUTT because this brand has a long history, and is technology-wise. Most importantly, I think I should invest in the quality product like this."

- Khun Warakorn –

"I saw the look of SKUTT and instantly fell in love with it. It can fit the small space and be a home décor. The systems of the kiln are easy to use. If I have any problems, I can call Pottery Clay for help."

- Khun Deang (Athima Studio) -