Falling in love with ceramics

From being a person with a hurry lifestyle, with impatient character who is not so good with slowness however when she came in contact with the sculpture, Khun Nui - Supis from Supis Studio discovered a charm that is more than artistic beauty because sculpting is about transcending limitations in yourself. “I tried sculpting for the first time 5-6 years ago but as an impatient person i realized that it would be better for me to buy bisque to draw underglaze or to paint with glaze rather than to gradually sculpt a workpiece by hand so I stopped working on sculpture and focused on drawing patterns only. But last year, the sculpture came back to my life again when one of my acquaintances brought 10kgs of clay to me to try to sculpt during the time I resigned from my full-time job in order to have art as my main work. With a slower lifestyle, I had time to understand myself and things around me more. When I tried to come back to sculpt this time, I discovered that the sculpture has a hidden charm in every step, and every step helps to overcome my own limitations especially impatient and anticipating of results.

" For example, when sculpting by hand if it was in the past, I would be in a hurry because I wanted to see the work done quickly but now I gradually do it calmly and pay attention in every step. When the sculpting is finished, I learn to wait for the clay to dry properly without rushing to complete it in a short time. Before placing workpieces in the kiln, I don’t expect them to be perfect every time because after firing the workpiece may crack, discoloured, or may not turn out as expected. But that's a lesson I can learn and gradually understand and improve my flaws and mistakes. In a way, it allows my mind to absorb the slow pace of life, stay calm, have fun sculpting, and feel excited every time my workpiece comes out of the kiln.

"When I started to enjoy working with ceramics. I began to search for other ingredients to try. Just then, a friend told that there was a shop called Pottery Clay that sold a wide variety of equipment. When I went to the shop I felt that it had everything. However, As I was a newbie who usually searched for information on Google without knowing whether it was wrong or right therefore I decided to go to the shop and to make inquiries which I always received good and clear advices from there. Since then I became their regular customer. The products that I buy regularly because I like it very much is Keane Clay because of the fact that the clay has small granules of iron inserted in it. When sculpting and shaping, you can feel the roughness. When firing, it comes out as khaki with small grain spots which makes my workpiece looks charming.

"Another type of clay that I like very much is ready-made coloured clay because of my fascination with its colours. I use it to make a show plate with round colour spots that are very beautiful. When I want a lighter color, PTC recommends mixing it with snow white clay making it more fun to make marble. Moreover, There is a large selection of Amaco colours available. Plus, it's easy to use and has a nicer color than normal clay.

"For me, sculpting is both what I do for pleasure to have fun with my own imagination and allows me to enter the flow stage and practice overcoming my expectations. Previously, when I felt distracted, I would only draw but now I sculpt clay. When I opened a Supis Studio, there were people following my artworks. Some came to appreciate and some came to buy my artworks to collect or to use. Since I have made my artworks with my own experiment and gradually improved them at the right pace. When the results came out as desired and there were some people who liked and supported them. I already felt contented.

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