8 tips to make your pottery wheel last longer

You’ve just bought a very good pottery wheel. You won’t use it just for a few months. What can prolong the lifetime of the pottery wheel? A good care of potter must be taken into consideration. The question is whether you know how to take care of the pottery wheel.

  1. Even though the electric pottery wheel is of standard quality, the potter must be careful when using it. Don’t forget to wear rubber booth to prevent yourself from electric circuit. Most importantly, before using the machine, make sure that it has ground wire connection.
  2. Before whining, make sure that the pottery wheel is set up at the appropriate level. Failing to do so will result in inaccuracy of the work.
  3. Do not pull the machine since it might affect the balance of the wheel.
  4. Despite the fact that a standard wheel is designed to hold large amount of clay, do not overload it. Do not put too much weight on the wheel because the balance will be mistaken.
  5. Do not put sharp equipment on the wheel which will be dangerously thrown around when the machine is working.
  6. After usage, always clean the machine. Keep it dries to avoid any rust which can be found in the clay.
  7. It is not recommended to use plaster with the wheel because the particles of the plaster can be blended with the clay resulting in defection of the work.
  8. When using electric wheel or machine, please remember to wear something that fits you well. Do not let your hair loose because it might get stuck in the machine causing danger to potter and the machine.