6 things to check before opening the kiln

No matter how skilled you are in pottery or how good you are at setting the temperature during firing the workpieces. Our pottery friends especially newbies must not forget to check the following before switching on the ceramic kiln.

  1. To check that in the room where the ceramic kiln is installed, fire sprinklers are also installed including heat detectors that have been consulted by experts on fire sprinklers. This ensures that normal heat dissipation from the kiln does not activate the fire suppression system.
  2. To check that the temperature in the ceramic kiln storage room does not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit when the kiln is running at the highest temperature.
  3. To check that ceramic kilns are placed on the same shelf as nonflammable materials. No matter it is ceramic or concrete
  4. To check that ceramic kilns are placed away from the wall approximately 18 inches
  5. To check that the wires do not come into contact with the ceramic kilns even for a bit.
  6. To check that the electrical system has been installed by a certified electrician and in accordance with local and national regulations.