5 Steps for Beginners

Who would have thought that in 2021 pottery would become a hot trend right now? Pottery Clay would like to provide some guidance for anyone who wants to try and get started as a potter without getting lost with 5 following steps that newbies should follow.

Step 1 “What do you want to sculpt?” Because everything in the world can be used as inspiration for sculptures from small pieces of jewelry like earrings, rings, pendants, to pots, vases, and jars

Step 2 “Tools are required or just two hands are enough” Finding information to make sure whether what you want to sculpt can be done by hands or equipment is necessary no matter it is a pottery wheel, a clay scraper, etc., that can help forming your sculpture as desired.

Step 3 “Where can you buy sculpting supplies? Even though professional tools are not required but at least clay used for sculpting must be purchased. So the easiest way is to search on the internet to find out where to find the necessary sculpting supplies.

Step 4 “Try it and like it, want to be serious, then find a course” Nowadays, there are many workshops that teach sculpting. If you are sure that sculpture is what you like then you should look for a sculpting course that suits you. You will get to know the sculpture work not in a casual way and also without having to randomly guess but to start doing it in the right way instead.

Step 5 “Practice often and you will be good at it.” The more you sculpt, the more skillful you become. No matter by taking a class or doing it on your own, practicing often will make you become more skillful. After that alongside with your imagination, your sculpture will take shape as desired.

Beginners who want to learn to sculpt can start with these 5 steps. No matter you want to do it as a hobby, as a gift, or for sale, you can do it comfortably in a uniquestyle.