5 ways to create pattern on ceramic pieces

In addition to 2D paint on ceramic work, potter can try the following 5 advanced decoration techniques.

Round Relief is where the form can be seen from every angle. Embossing technique can be applied to create patterns using the same or different colored clays. The technique includes

  1. High Relief where the patterns are supported by background
  2. The surface behind can be smooth or curved which can render the clear dimensional image with the touch of light and shadow.
  3. Bass Relief is the technique in which the design is only slightly raised above the fattened surface. It differs from high relief where the sculpture is much more elevated. The patterns are slightly raised above the surface in order that they are clearly seen.
  4. Incising is a traditional technique frequently used for decoration.
  5. The technique uses tools with pointed heads to engrave a design by cutting or scraping into the clay surface. When it is coated, you will obtain more precise lines.
  6. Carvingresults in different reliefs
  7. with dimensional patterns
  8. Stampinguses natural materials to create patterns on the ceramic work including shells, barks, stone and molds. The shaped objects are pressed on the work to create creative patterns.