2 characteristics of sclupting tools

Pottery Clay introduces potters to 2 characteristics of the equipment that potters can't live without. It is called a must-have item for producing workpieces. Let's look at the characteristics of the equipment used as a molding tool.

  1. Steel or brass wire : It looks like a round loop or rounded at the end of the wooden handle on both sides. There are many types. This type of tool is used for forming, scraping, chamfering, cutting and decorating various details. Some types have steel wire or brass wire at the end of the wood only and the other side is a flat face with an oblique cut of approximately 45 degrees or a cross-section width of 30 degrees for the potters to choose from for their creative work.
  2. The whole wooden handle : There are many styles and sizes . One end is a flat face with an oblique cut at about 45 degrees or a straight face at 90 degrees, and the other end has a smaller tip and a rounded appearance. This type of tool is used for machining the clay surface to smooth or to form a surface and used to decorate various details

Maintenance of the molding tool after use can be done by washing the tool to remove dirt. If it is a wire or brass tool, it must be maintained so that it does not rust by applying oil before storing it. Then keep it neatly in the box or hang it on the wall to keep it organized and convenience for the next use