Pottery wheel - the essential tool for the potters

Molding is another process requiring expertise of potter. Good tool can make the process easier. What you need is pottery wheel.

The potter wheel is designed for molding round object with different thickness. It is easier and faster to cast round container with the pottery wheel.

  1. Place the clay at the center of the bat use both hands to press the edges of the clay, sealing the edge of the clay to the bat. Do not swing your arms and elbows. Use high speed of the wheel to help centering the clay.
  2. Once the clay is firmly in placeuse the thumps to press the clay at the center. Do not make the hole.
  3. Push the clay up using both hands. Remember to use medium to fast speed of the wheel. Maintain vertical height of the clay.
  4. Shaping the pottery is not difficult. Use your fingers to shape the clay as desired. In case the pottery is not formed to the shape as desired, use a taut wire to remove the clay before beginning to form the new shape.
  5. To finish your workuse the shredder and the sponge to smoothen the product.