What is ceramic klin?

After the workpiece is designed beautifully and satisfyingly and proceed to sculpt as best as possible. The final step to make the piece 100% perfectis

Put through the firing process. This is the final production step with "kiln" as an important key, Potters originally fired ceramic piece on the ground using straw with dry twigs as fuel. Later, a simple kiln was built by creating a section for placing the product on airy place and creating a wall around the kiln. Let the fuel comes from below the kiln and the heat blown directly upward through the kiln. It is called (Updraft Kiln) . The early kilns did not have a kiln roof.

Later, a temporary roof of the kiln was built from raw clay that had not yet been fired into bricks. Then a kiln with a permanent roof was made, and the ceramic kiln was gradually developed. Until now, ceramic kilns can be divided.5 characteristics which are

  1. Classified according to the type of kilns use
  2. Classified according to the path type of hot air
  3. Classified according to the nature of the flame
  4. Classified according to the type of fuels
  5. Classified according to the characteristic of kilns

But because the fuel used to fire ceramics is more expensive plus there is a high market competition both for pricing and qualities. As a result, ceramic kiln is a device that plays an increasingly important role in the production process. Therefore, potters should learn the details of each type of kiln thoroughly before choosing which one to use.