What is ceramic?

When talking aboutceramicsmany people associate them with white table wares with smooth and glossy surface Do you really know that what ceramic is? How to make it shiny and perfectly white? How can potters do that? Where does it come from? Today we will get to knowaboutceramic

ceramic (ceramic)” comes from the Greek word keramos (pronounced as keramos) it means materials produced by burning or firing. The basic materials are organic substances mixing together and fired at high temperature by Sintering (melting) causing transformation to the organic materials

The unique properties of ceramic are high melting points (High melting point) great hardness (High hardness) considerable durability (hard-wearing) and long-lasting strength low thermal conductivity (Low thermal conductivity) and low electrical conductivity. Its disadvantage is considerable fragility (Brittle) Consequently, it’s easily broken

In the past, clay was used to produce ceramic works It was called ceramic ‘Chinaware’ to honor Chinese who pioneered and invented ceramics for the first time They were then gradually developed into other different products for daily usage. The term was then referred to its usage such as wares , glasses , bricks , glazed tiles to name a few