What’s a hand extruder? It’s good for potters to have one.

It is said that 'clay' is the heart of ceramic work. No matter it's ceramic clay, buddha statue clay, modeling clay or various sculptures clay. If potters work hard in kneading and always rolling the clay by themselves, it may not be ready to use in time to create workpieces. Hence, the “clay extruder” was created.

There are two types of “clay extruder”: conventional type and vacuum type.

How to use it is to send the clay through the clay extruder to be cut, ground, and mixed together similar to kneading the clay. If using a vacuum type, air will be sucked out of the clay when it is sent through a vacuum chamber.

However, if a conventional extruder is used, there may still be air in the clay which potters will have to remove it completely before it can be molded because if there is air remaining in the clay, it can cause problems while firing. Using extruder is not only comfortable but also extends the life of our joints.