Create consistent coils with "Clay gun extruder"

In addition to rolling the clay into sheets by a Slab Roller, potters also have a helper when they want to compress clay into sticks with a Clay Gun which is a device that helps to compress clay into sticks and can also change the form of the compacted clay accordingly by changing the different die on the gun head.

The gun is made of aluminum, 10 inches long, 2 inches in diameter, operated by hand pressure from the back of the clay compaction pipe. The pressure will push the clay out of the pipe along the die head that comes with the other 12 heads are widely used in the United States and Europe. It is suitable for those who form coiling which can squeeze the clay out and curl immediately. Thus saving time and increasing the uniformity of the clay line size and can also change into a variety of formats as well.

It is also popular to use a clay gun to make clay coated water test strips by turning the head into an L shape and rolling out the clay. Then cut vertically. The width is about 4-5 cm. Firing at 800 degrees Celsius will get the same coated plates and it will take a short time to make.