Ways to glaze pottery

because people have different skills and they also have different creative needs. Therefore, why limit the ceramic glazing to only one method.

Most importantly, artists have also created many options for glazing ceramic works. Check out one or more ways to create a cool piece. Let's show off in the world of sculpture.

  • apply brush” is a very original look. It is to use a brush to dip the pre-mixed coating and apply on the workpiece by choosing a brush with soft bristles that can absorb a lot of water and should apply it in the same direction and not repeating itbecause the workpiece surface is not smooth and may cause scratches
  • “Pouring method” is a type of coating that emphasizes the application of the coating to the inner surface of the container. Originally, the workpiece was immersed in a wave tray with a coating on it. Then scoop the glaze gradually and pour it all over, but because it wastes a lot of time. Nowadays, it has been changed to place the workpiece on the conveyor belt then let the liquid flow down to coat the workpiece instead.
  • “Dipping” This method is to add a coating solution in a basin or bucket then dip the workpiece in to allow the coating to adhere to the workpiece by having to estimate the appropriate time of immersion in order for the solution to coat the workpiece properly, not too thick or too thin. This method requires a lot of expertise. Nowadays, it has switched to the industrial system for dipping coatings instead of time consuming manual labor.
  • “spraying” is a method for a large workpiece. The method is to spray the coating in a spray style by using the principle of spraying the coating to come out based on the tool used for special spraying. This is usually an aerosol-type tool that consists of a special nozzle, a cylinder for coating and a cabinet for placing the workpiece to be sprayed in order to prevent the spreading of the coating during spraying. In this way, a fan must be installed to extract the coating mist during spraying.