How to precisely control the pressure of gas

Increase/decrease appropriate gas pressure will affect the appearance of the flame at the nozzle and make a good firing atmosphere. Pottery Clay has simple rules for adjusting the flame at the nozzle to teach you.

  1. Installation of nozzles should be tested for the performance of each nozzle. By starting a fire and checking the height of the flame clearly. Is the flame from each nozzle the same height for the entire kiln? If the height is not equal, adjust the valve that controls the flame nozzle and check until the height of the flame is equal before using the ceramic kiln.
  2. If it is a large ceramic kiln, the air control plate of the first pair of flame nozzle should be adjusted by allowing the kiln door to be wider than the other pair because usually outside air flows into the kiln from the front of the kiln which results in lower temperatures in that area. Therefore, we should make the flame bigger and be able to maintain the heat balance inside the kiln while firing especially in the case of changing the distance of the 1st and 2nd pair of flame nozzles is different from the distance of other pairs of flame nozzles