Why is pot mill important to potters?

Have you ever wondered what is that? It’s a “pot mill.” It’s an indispensable tool for making ceramic works.

If potter needs to mix stains
, it is best to run this mix through a
-120 mesh sieve. However, if you want to quicken the process, the pot mill must be used.

Griding time is approximately 1-2 hours depending on the ingredients. Appropriate griding time is important to yield consistent colors after firing and avoid spots on glaze. In addition, the pot mill is appropriate to use with different particle sizes of the mixture. All the ingredients will be blended smoothly.

Milling operations are carried out either wet or dry. Dry grinding is for the dry ingredients which will result in fine powder. It is then added with water.
The advantage of the method is accuracy. However, potter must be aware and careful with dust from the raw materials. Wet grinding operates with water added to the ingredients. This approach is more popular among potters because there is no need to worry about dust.