Getting to know the decoration firing

Have you ever heard of “Decoration Firing”? It's not hard to understand. It is the glazed work piece that is decorated with paint or decal made for decorative paint, especially on the glazed vessels and then fired to make the decorations stick to the work which is called 'Over Glaze Decoration'.

and what temperature is required for decorative firing? The answer is about 650 – 850 degrees Celsius depending on the type of color or the type of raw materials used for making colors will be matured at what temperature. The sintering of the decals and the gold silver must be completely ignited throughout the firing from room temperature to 750°C and the inside of the kiln should not have moisture because if there is moisture from raw firing, the color will be dull and the writing will be puffy when the gold is fired after the raw firing. This means that even if the temperature of the raw material is 750 degrees Celsius, close to the firing of decorative paint, you should not take the workpiece, paint, and stick decals into the kiln in raw firing because the workpiece that comes out will have flaws, non-standard, dull color or change from the original.

The key technique is if you want to decorate more with bright colors as well as attaching decals in various patterns after the workpiece is fired and glazed. The workpiece must be fired one more time in order for the decal to last longer on the piece.