Potters have to know "Pyrometric Cone"

As you already know, An important step in ceramic sculpture is to bring the piece into the kiln. In addition to having to know how to choose a kiln to match the type of work and preference, you must also know the optimum temperature for ceramic operation, and of course, an important aid such as a thermometer is also a must.

Today, Pottery Clay would like to take everyone to get to know the type of thermometer. < span> “Pyrometric Cone” . Another helper to make a great sculpting job

Pyrometric cones’ is a small pyramid and consists of three sides of a triangle slightly tilted approximately 1 ¾ -2 inches. The base is approximately½ inches. It is made from a mixture of clay and coating agent and is buried on soft clay in rows. When the temperature is reached, the base bends down to signal.

A cone is an invention that uses a variety of materials to be mixed and melted in a specific heat from 022 cone (675 degree Celsius) to cone 42 (2,093 degree Celsius). Every cone is numbered on the base and the average temperature between each cone is approximately 17.5 degree Celsius

The base for low temperature firing starts from 0 to the number. The dividing point of cone 01 and cone 1 is at 1,093 degree Celsius which is the melting point of steel. The cone number and temperature to be kept in mind are commonly used raw and glazed firing temperatures such as cones 08 with a temperature of 955 degree Celsius. Cones 9 with a temperature of 1,280 degree Celsius, etc.

In addition, the pyrometric cone is a measure of fire resistance. When using pyrometric cone which is a ceramic object rod in a shape of a triangular pyramid with a triangular base larger than the top. When a buoy is fired to a certain temperature, it begins to curve. There are two types of pyrometric cones: Seger Cone and Orton Cone in whichSeger Cone was firstly created by the German scientist. Later it is widely used in the ceramic industry because of its accuracy and easy to use. However it is later called Seger Cone in honor of Prof. Dr. Seger Kegel which the letter SK is the symbol or brand of the cone. /span>Orton Cone is the same type of cone as Seger Cone but used in the United State.