What is thermocouple?

Thermocouple It is a device used for measuring temperature in the manufacturing process within an industrial plant. When the temperature is raised to a certain value, it is necessary to maintain and control a constant temperature. In measuring temperature, it is connected to Thermocouple. with measuring instruments such as temperature controllers (Temperature Controller), Temperature Recorder (Recorder), Temperature meter and display (Digital Temperature Indicator), etc.

Thermocouple uses the principle of changing heat or temperature into electromotive force by bringing two types of conductor metal wires that are different in chemical properties and join the ends of the two together. This point is called ‘temperature measurement point’ (Hot junction)(T1), which is the point used to measure temperature. The other end of the two conductor metals is free. This point is called the ‘reference point’ (Cold junction) (T2). If the temperature measurement point and the reference point have different temperatures. Both conductor metals will expand and current flows through them, resulting in a potential difference between the free ends of the conductor metal.

At present, there are many types of thermocouples for different purposes. Each type has two metal compositions and a different temperature measurement range. But in the industry where thermocouples are used to measure temperature most of them are Type K thermocouples because they are very inexpensive and have a fairly wide temperature measurement range to cover various types of work