6 things to consider before buying the kiln

Before deciding which kiln to use, potters must not forget to check 6 things as follows. If the check is completed without any interruption, then they can say ‘yes’ and make a payment.

  1. Fuel > No matter what type of fuel kiln you choose. What needs to be carefully considered is whether that type of fuel can be obtained easily in the future?
  2. Type of kiln > Planning to use this kiln continuously or just for a short time. Although the price of the kiln is high but if it is used continuously, it will help to reduce the actual cost per 1 firing. However, you should answer yourself first if there is a usability problem in the future, will you be able to solve it?
  3. Production Goals > What is the production piece? What size? This is because the size of the workpiece is a consideration factor for choosing the right kiln.
  4. Continuity of use of kiln > Market demand is unstable. Therefore, it is necessary to consider choosing a kiln that can produce flexibly from the expected quantity1 in 4 parts
  5. Durability of kiln > In a case of producing large quantities of ceramic work to a point of being ceramic manufacturing industry, various components of the kiln need to be considered in detail especially where problems may arise to prepare for solutions.
  6. Ease and convenience of construction or use > Do not choose the type of accessories that is difficult to use with the kiln. In addition, the kiln control method may be done manually or automatically as well as thermometers and burners to achieve the desired objectives.