Technology that makes firing process more convenient

Many people have asked if there is anything that could help the firing process to go smoother. The answer is yes! Plus it's not difficult to use. Have it next to the kiln guarantees to help firing the workpiece easier whether…

‘lid lifter’ By just looking at the name you can tell what it is for. This lid lifter can help opening the lid safely without having to exert much effort because it comes with a rod to support the lid and a body that can be adjusted according to usage. Importantly, 2, it is very easy to install.

‘remote kiln control system’ It is a system that can monitor the operation of the kiln anywhere, anytime. even if it is not in front of the kiln because it uses the Internet and mobile connection. It is even more advanced than that as it is also able to store all the firing graph data and data for diagnostic analysis.

‘Control technology ventilation system throughout the firing at your fingertips’ to set for all program intervals while programming the kiln

A set of accessories for mounting shelves in various kilns manufactured differently for the potter to select as needed. The set consists of a set of shelves and a set of pole rods for partitioning equipment with kiln cleaning solution.

There is also a helper to provide potters the best performance. The smoke, odor, and steam removal technology is very useful when firing metals such as shiny ores, metallic, high sulfur clays that often cause strong odor and also optimizes the power stability. The vent also prevents the spread of different coatings. This allows potters to fire green and red on the same shelf.

If you want a helper no matter it is technology or equipment created for potters, try to choose the one that suits your needs.