Firing Large Ceramic Sculpture

After working on ceramics as a hobby until being able to master it, some people see an opportunity to expand by creating a small studio or run SMEs to produce good workpiece for sale. However, they find that the power supply is inadequate for power tools or equipment. Making a request for additional power supply is inevitable. But how difficult is it? Let's see.

Requesting for additional electricity is asking for an additional power meter. Those who wish to request more must start with the following steps.

Submit documents to the provincial electricity authority where you located. (This is not the district office). You need to prepare a copy of ID card and house registration of the person applying for electricity, electricity bill for one month and power of attorney (In the event that the requester cannot do this by himself/herself).

After submitting the documents, the provincial electricity authority staff will make an appointment to come to the area that needs more electricity to check if the existing mains cable is sufficient to support the requested size of electrical service? (Main cable is a low voltage cable. It is the electric wire next to the electricity meter. There will be 2 wires (for 1-phase electricity) or 4 wires (for 3-phase electricity).

If it is found that the original mains cable can support the requested size of electrical service, the additional electricity request can be preceded. However, if the main cable cannot support it, those who request additional electricity must be able to modify it to accommodate the required additional size. Then request the provincial electricity authority staff to check again. The service charge or meter replacement fee will depend on the amount of electricity that has been added.