Body stain used for clay

Stain colors used for clay must have high heat resistance and resistance to various reactions occurred while firing to maturity. The mixture of clay will affect the color used as well. Therefore, the white-colored clay is more apparent and brighter than the dull-colored clay; black or red.

The amount of stain color added to the clay depends on the intensity required but generally ranges from 0.5 - 10%

To prepare stain color for use in clay, choose a stain color formula used for clay by weighing the raw materials according to the ratio. The raw materials are thoroughly mixed and heated at a temperature of 1250 - 1350 °C. Then wash the color through hot water and grind it thoroughly again according to the general stain color preparation process.

Once the stain pigments are prepared, they can be used to mix in the clay or mix in the clay water to prepare the colored clay water for decoration directly using in the amount of 0.5 - 3 % of dry clay weight. Mixing the colors in the clay preferably by adding stain pigments to the mixture in the last hours of clay preparation by wet grinding method after approximately 90% of the total grinding hour. Then add the color until the mixture is well combined until the end of the grinding period. However, some stain colors may be used for both glaze and clay, but in general stain colors used on clay do not fuse well when used as Glaze Stain