What is Frit?

Frit is the raw material used to prepare low temperature coating. It is made from toxic or soluble raw materials. It is fused with silica which is glass. The raw material is melted into glass with the property of insoluble therefore not absorbed through the skin. Both yield more stable results. The frit is finely ground to form a ready-made powder coating before being used as a low-temperature coating which is usually prepared from raw materials, lead and borax or from a combination of both.

Frit is used to prepare low temperature firing colors and glazes.

< p>In the ceramic industry, frit is used to prepare low-temperature glazes to replace the toxic lead and borax raw materials which is an aqueous solution or used to prepare colors on glazes 650-750 °Cand used in the preparation of colors in glazes 1150 - 1250 °C

There are many types of frits made for use in other industries with different firing temperatures. The types of frit used in the ceramic industry can be divided into 4 types:

  1. Lead Frit
  2. Lead and Boron Frit
  3. Borax Frit Borosilicate clear coated, no lead
  4. Borosilicate frit coated solid white, no lead