Slab roller makes perfect slabs easily and quickly.

Do you know about the “Slab Roller”? It's a clay machine that takes a short time to get the clay out quickly and efficiently. It can be used to create patterns by rolling clay together with a patterned stamp, and can also be used as a combination technique with electric pottery wheel. One of the main reasons artists use slab rollers is because they are able to create an even surface quickly. Plus, you don't have to waste time trying to press the clay into sheets until your muscles grow and shoulder pain.

This slab roller is suitable for tile making or work that requires a straight plane shape. It can be used in conjunction with a model and can also roll out a large amount of clay in a short time in order to save both labor and time. Moreover Slab Roller is also designed to avoid back or muscle pain which often caused by rolling clay by hand

Slab Roller is available in both floor-standing model and table-top model. Floor-standing models are ideal for classrooms and university studios. The studio may be slightly more spacious and Slab Roller can produce slabs of different thicknesses as the height can be adjusted in all models. Moreover, this floor-standing Slab Roller is also easy to control and handle and can make clay slabs quickly and easily.

For Slab Roller table-top model, it's a cheaper alternative to larger models. It's small and easy to carry, making it ideal for small studios and elementary school classrooms.