Understand 2 groups of sclupting tools

In pottery, there are tools that are commonly used to decorate the sculptures to make them more beautiful. Most of the tools are made of solid wood but some are made of metal. Different handles and sizes are available. Therefore, potters should understand the appearance of the tool before choosing to use it so that when using it with clay in various works no matter it is for sculpting clay, ceramic clay, Buddha statue clay, modeling clay or any type of clay, the right tools will be used.

  1. Clay scraping tool : The nature of the clay scraping tool usually has a shaft in the middle. The head and tail of the shaft are made of threaded metal and bent into various shapes depending on the application. There are at least 5 pieces and will only be used when shaping by hand until a suitable and sufficient shape is achieved. Therefore, it can be scraped and decorated to be neat and beautiful as required. The use of the scraping tool helps to reinforce the shape to be proportioned according to the nature of the job.
  2. Carving and decorating tools : Carving and decorating tools are generally made of wood. It is similar to a stone scraper which in the middle is the head and tail handle. The tool is made into various shapes suitable for carving and decorating clay and will be used after scraping with a shape scraping tool. Using this tool to sculpt the exterior and create the beauty of the sculpture.