Getting to know the slip casting machine

When I heard that I had to mix-shake-stir the raw materials I already felt my arm aching so I had to prepare a massage pill in advance. But now potters don't have to pull a face at each other because in ceramic work there is a labor-saving tool called "Glaze mixer" which potters will absolutely love it with all their heart. There are also many shapes to choose from such as in round shape, octagon shape or square shape, etc.

The operation method of this machine is not complicated because the “glaze mixer” has a propeller, which may have more than one set, connected to the vertical shaft as an agitator in the tank and relies on water as a mixture in large quantities. To mix and stir raw materials, you just need to mix the raw materials with water in the specified proportions then turn on the machine.

The propeller of the glaze mixer fixed at one end attached to the shaft and the other end connected to the belt, and the electric motor body is forced to rotate according to the force and action of the motor and belt. Then the shaft will cause the propeller to rotate around itself at the same time while stirring the raw materials to mix with water until homogeneous and completes the mission of the glaze mixer. Don't forget to filter the clay water every time before using it.