What is one firing?

Today Pottery Clay will introduce everyone to one of calcination of ceramics form which is ‘One Firing’ or also known as a single fire which is the firing of the piece from dry clay until finished with high fire at once.

If you are wondering about the glazing whether it is still adhered, I can tell you now that it definitely still is because of this single firing the workpiece will be glazed when the clay is completely dry and then sent the kiln for a single firing cycle

Special care must be taken to ensure that the firing is done slowly because glaze firing of clay surface is difficult. There is a risk of breakage and the absorption of the glaze in clay will not be as good as glazing after raw firing and the expansion from the moisture of the glaze in the dry clay may result in cracking. But why do some people still choose to use this type of firing? The answer is that it is more cost-effective than 2 firings both in terms of fuel or energy, labor costs, and time saving, minimize the process, reduce the cost of purchasing accessories and equipment for firing. The important thing is that it doesn't take up a lot of space to collect raw materials. This method of firing is used in the tiles and pottery industry.

Single fired pieces can easily break and tend to cause defects on the coating and the glaze can cause the container to collapse or crack. Therefore, high caution must be exercised. If a container bursts with air bubbles and bursts during the initial firing, the fragments will be thrown onto the other containers which can cause damage.